Newsletter Content Submission Information

Luxury Law Alliance members are entitled to submit editorial content to be included in the regular Luxury Law Alliance Newsletter which is circulated to brands and law firms world-wide. For more information on what to supply and submission dates please see below:

We are accepting submissions of know-how and thought-leadership articles that explore current and future trends in the Luxury sector that are relevant to legal professionals and brand owners.
These include (but are not limited to):
- Up-and-coming luxury products/sectors 
- Emerging regulatory issues 
- Geopolitics and luxury 
- New legislation and its impact on luxury brands 
- Intellectual property disputes 
- Major litigation 
- Technology and luxury law 
- Brand and reputation management

Articles should be between 600-800 words. However, we are able to make allowances for topics that demand longer and more detailed explanation. 

To view examples please visit the Luxury Law Alliance news section - please click here

Please send your submissions to colleague Anne Gallagher in the editorial team - and Anne will follow up with you.

If you need any more information please contact Jasminder Soor -