'Sneakerhead' Lawyers publish first comprehensive guide to US Footwear Law

19 Nov 2020 , 3:50pm

Former YEEZY and Complex lawyers publish first textbook about the $90bn sneaker biz.

The first comprehensive textbook detailing all US law related to footwear is set for release in December 2020. ‘SNEAKER LAW – All You Need to Know About the Sneaker Business’ was written by Kenneth Anand and Jared Goldstein; self-proclaimed ‘sneakerheads’ who have held positions as GC, head of BD for Kanye West’s Yeezy brand, and legal support at Complex media respectively.

SNEAKER LAW teaches eager designers, collectors, law students, and other entrepreneurs everything they need to succeed in the sneaker industry, from how to become a sneaker designer, to opening your own sneaker business to the highly lucrative sneaker resale industry.

Anand & Goldstein, both Brooklyn Law School alma mater, had lofty ambitions when they began concepting Sneaker Law over 3 years ago. “We wanted to cover everything” says Goldstein. “When we started outlining, we realized how many facets of business and law touch upon sneakers.”

Whilst writing, they found themselves in Cambridge, MA, teaching Sneaker Law to eager students at Harvard Law School’s Fashion Law Lab. That the American footwear industry is valued at $90bn will increase the number of lawyers specializing in footwear rise.

Aspiring law students and designers looking to protect their sneaker intellectual property will also benefit from the book’s two chapter section, dubbed “The Law of Sneakers”. It covers the most important areas of law that shape the sneaker business and some major litigation and disputes that arose out of them, and ‘The Art of the Sneaker Deal;’ a primer on how to understand and negotiate typical sneaker contracts

Currently, Anand founded and manages 3 8 0 Group, an internal fashion licensing company, whilst Goldstein is Legal Counsel for LiveIntent, an ad-tech and marketing company.

SNEAKER LAW has also received coverage from Business Insider, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Yeezy Mafia, and other media outlets. Independently published hardback editions will retail for $99.