Nike faces class action over sex discrimination claims

7 Sep 2018 , 2:33am

The retailer has become embroiled in a class action lawsuit over a range of claims including being 'devalued and demeaned' by the company.

Nike faces class action 

Two former female Nike employees have filed a 500-strong class action lawsuit against the athletic retailer claiming they were discriminated against while working for Nike. Filed in the US District Court of Oregon, the case centres on allegations that two principal plaintiffs were paid less than their male colleagues and were unfairly sidelined for promotion. The suit alleges women generally were “devalued and demeaned” by the company, describing a series of sexual harassment incidents including women being called “dykes” and “a failure” by former Vice President Daniel Tawiah.

High profile departures

The case follows a string of high profile departures of several of Nike’s leading executives since March, when the company announced the abrupt resignation of president Trevor Edwards, the number two executive at Nike. Last month the company said it would adjust the salaries of 7,000 employees after it conducted an internal review of its compensation.