LA moves to ban the sale of luxury favourite fur

2 Oct 2018 , 2:04pm

Los Angeles City Council is taking steps to become the largest US city to ban the sale of new fur products, after unanimously agreeing to prohibit the sale of fox, mink, sable and chinchilla clothing and accessories.

The move, which follows San Francisco’s earlier ban of fur sales, will exempt used fur products. The council looks to extend the exemption for products used in religious contexts and items made from pelts legally taken under the authority of a California fur-trapping license. The draft bill, which must gain final approval by the council and then be signed by mayor Eric Garcetti to be enacted, would see the ban go into effect in January over two years and over two phases, giving retailers until 2020 to sell off existing fur stock.

Major luxury fashion companies such as Michael Kors, Gucci and Armani have made the move away from fur, while British brand Burberry has also said it will stop using the product. Farming fur was made illegal in the UK in 2000, and EU law bans fur from domestic cats, dogs and hunted seals. Britain still imports fur from other species including foxes and rabbits.

Retail fur sales globally accounted for £27.2bn, while the industry employed more than one million people in 2014.