Chanel sues TheRealReal for selling counterfeit handbags

3 Dec 2018 , 12:04pm

Luxury brand Chanel is claiming e-commerce platform The RealReal sells counterfeit hand-bags that the website had advertised as genuine and authentic in a complaint filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Counterfeit goods

The RealReal, a New York-based resale site, advises its customers via its website that it ensures its goods are authentic “with an expert behind every item”. However, an investigation by the luxury brand identified at least seven counterfeit Chanel handbags advertised as “genuine and authentic” by The RealReal.

Trademark infringement

Chanel alleged that The RealReal had attempted to deceive customers into believing that Chanel is affiliated with it when that is not the case and claimed the resale company used Chanel’s trademarks without permission to sell the counterfeit goods. The luxury fashion house requested an accounting of The RealReal’s sales and profits “flowing from its counterfeiting and trademark infringement” as well as triple damages and legal fees.