BeoBia launches insect eco-food pod

6 Jul 2020 , 9:00pm

BeoBia is launching its insect home farm on Kickstarter today as its founder seeks to create an eco-friendly protein food which will contribute towards creating a more sustainable and self-sufficient food system.

A young designer has invented a food regenerator which turns waste into insects, creating a sustainable source of protein which can be used as food. Insect growing pod Re_,  created by British entrepreneur Thomas Constant's company BeoBia, allows users to re-engineer food waste and create a food which is 54 per cent protein.

Each tray is fed fruit  and vegetable waste and, says Mr Constant: "You just wait for the insects to develop, harvest them, and then turn them into sustainable, healthy and delicious food. They can be eaten whole or as a powder and used in all meals, salads, baked goods, from pizza to cookies and delicious in smoothies."

Over 2 billion people around the world enjoy insects, particularly in the east. Mr Constant says that it is time for the west to view insects as not only healthy and delicious, but also using far less of the precious planet’s resources. The pod, which is a home farm in box, embodies his belief that sustainable food can be produced without compromising the planet.  BeoBia, which means ‘food for life’ in Gaelic, will launch Re_on July 7th.  

The product has garned a range of comments in the media with Design Week  noting its affordability and The Spoon praising its efforts to create a more sustainable and self-sufficient food system. 

Commenting, Mike Coupe, former CEO of Sainsburys, said: "The impact of food on our environment is one of the key issues of our age. BeoBia is innovative and forward thinking, and directly addresses a number of the key challenges."

A member of the Luxury Law Alliance, BeoBia's Kickstarter campaign to raise support for the product can be accessed here.