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The story of Baker McKenzie is one of imagination, determination and hard work. For over 65 years, our people have helped nurture our unique global organization.

From starting off with four lawyers, a secretary and fees totaling USD 75,000 in 1949, to becoming one of the largest law firms by revenues, markets and headcount today, our commitment to excellence underpins our path to success.

Our unique culture, developed over the years, enables our 13,000 people to understand local markets and navigate multiple jurisdictions, working together as trusted colleagues and friends to instill confidence in our clients. Our growth has been organic, giving us a strong, common culture that runs through our firm. For six decades we have followed clients into new markets, each time establishing offices driven by local lawyers and talent.

Now that volatility and uncertainty are the new norm, we need to be able to help our clients navigate a constantly changing and challenging market. It requires a new type of thinking and a different mindset. It requires lawyers who collaborate unusually well across borders, markets and industries around the globe. Lawyers who embrace new ideas and emerging technologies to give businesses confidence in these uncertain times.

For the eighth consecutive year, Acritas has named our firm the world’s strongest law firm brand, ranking us No. 1 globally in awareness, favorability, and consideration for cross-border deals and litigation.

Also named Luxury Law Firm of the Year in 2016, Baker McKenzie is well equipped to provide our clients with innovative legal advice and practical solutions for an optimal position in the luxury and fashion industries.

We are passionate about the luxury and fashion sector and as an adviser to the world's leading brands, we navigate the nuances of the sector like no others to help our clients succeed in an ever changing landscape. Our ability to anticipate the legal issues arising from the industry’s trends, provide practical knowledge and bring the integrated experience and geographical scope needed to address the varying needs of global luxury and fashion companies sets us apart.

With a 360° understanding of the luxury and fashion sector's challenges, our cross-practice experts can advise on the entire spectrum of the product lifecycle from conception through development, supply chain, distribution and even beyond – to product recall, liability claims and after-sales obligations.


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