A Quick Q&A with Lorenzo Maria Di Vecchio, Christian Dior Couture

23 Nov 2020 , 11:42am

The Alliance posed some questions to the Head of Ethics & Compliance Global, Legal Affairs Director Italy, Christian Dior Couture in the run up to the Luxury Law Summit Americas 2020.

Lorenzo Maria Di Vecchio was previously Senior Legal Manager, Compliance Officer and Supervisory Board Member at Fendi and earlier worked as Legal and Compliance counsel at Colgate-Palmolive, Hill's Pet Nutrition and Heineken. He will join the 2020 Luxury Law Summit Americas Cozen O'Connor's workshop: 'Luxury’s Litigation Landscape – What is current? And what is trending for next season?.'

LLA:  Name one key challenge and one benefit of working as an in-house lawyer in the luxury sector.

LMDV: Luxury sector is fast, agile, and always on the lookout of innovation, so it is crucial as in-house lawyer to have the same pace of the business and to be ready to face every day new matters never managed until the day before; the best 2 benefits are clothing allowance and private sales! Jokes apart, working for a luxury brand gives the opportunity to be surrounded by Beauty, Art and savoir faire which is without any doubt a privilege 

LLA:  What are your favourite parts of North, Central, and South America to travel to on business?

LMDV: New York and Miami are the cities of my (business) heart.

LLA: What area of luxury law do you feel is growing the fastest?

LMDV: Retail maintains its central role, but also health & safety and environment as well as compliance in general are becoming key.

LLA: How did things change at your company when lockdown became a 2020 mainstay?

LMDV: Not so much, we just accelerated the processes and the decision making flows. When you work in the luxury sector, you have no excuses to slow down.

LLA:Name one way in which law firms can improve the advice they provide.

LMDV: Law Firms should think more and more as in house counsels, taking risks as if they were business partners working for the same Company