New York set to introduce new work shift law

1 Aug 2017 , 3:09pm

The city has introduced new labour law legislation which will impact retailers in New York.

New York City has introduced a new law prohibiting retail employers from cancelling, changing or adding work shifts within 72 hours of the start of the shift. The Predictive Scheduling Law for Retail already operates in California. According to Tracy Choi of Bryan Cave's Irvine office, a similar law in California has been viewed as less than positive. In an article, she said: 'Despite its intent to provide greater predictability and stability for employees, a report by the California Retailers Association (CRA) 'characterizes San Francisco's scheduling law as unnecessary and frustrating for employees and employers. According to the CRA report on the law's impact one year after its implementation, many employees are deprived of the flexibility that working in retail affords them, and employers experience added administrative burdens and lack of flexibility.' The new law takes effect in New York from 26 November 2017.